Known as the “pearl of the Mediterranean”, Montenegro offers breathtaking views, and an unforgettable vacation.

With its ancient history, virgin nature and unique geographical location, Montenegro has captured an untouched moment of history. Although small in land area, Montenegro is abundant with natural wealth, beautiful clear lakes and mild beaches sitting side by side with floral mountain range and gorgeous mounting tops.

Bordering with Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania, Montenegro is defiantly a must visit. Its postcard scenery at every glimpse, the mixture of ancient history which has become part of the lively, contemporary ambiance of the towns, and its many possibilities and offers for visitors and investors cannot leave anyone who visits Montenegro indifferent.

Montenegro offers an ideal mixture for a vacation, from a motorized trip along its mountains and forests reserves, to an indulging rest at its soothing beaches.

The medieval towns of Montenegro, which are unique in their culture and architecture, are a pure delight for those who adore ancient building and landmarks. The breathtaking beaches, secluded and warm with their picturesque harbors are as amazing as can one only imagine, and the high mountain ranges, and reservoirs – untouched and filled with nature treasures, will give those who like hiking and the extreme sports an unforgettable adventure.