About Montenegro:

The rich and ancient Montenegrin state’s history dates a thousand years back to the 9th century and to Byzantium era.

After changes of king's dynasties, seeing its independence from the Ottoman Empire, and being part of various incarnations of Yugoslavia, Montenegro declared independence on June 3rd 2006 after a referendum held just two weeks earlier in May 21.

Although only covering around 14,000 km2, with a population of about 700,000 citizens, Montenegro is considered one of the most beautiful pearls of Europe.

With its high mountain tops, deep bays, and thick virgin forests standing next to dynamic and exciting coastal cities – the scenery is just breathtaking and alluring.

Montenegro offers many possibilities and great potential for tourism and related economic investments.

Its most competitive tax regime (9% corporate profit tax rate) correlates with the already friendly environment for companies operating in Montenegro, and offers a low tax burden, with the aim to maximize the companies operational profit and encourage investments in different business avenues.